#20   An Index for Articles


I thought a synopsis of previously published articles, grouped into specific areas of interest might be helpful.


Getting Started: #1, #2, #3, #16

These articles provide some basic information and concepts;  larynx position for high or low notes (#1), the variety of types of support for different sounds (#2),  developing a few basic skill sets (#3),  and how to approach your practicing (#16)

Technical Difficulties: #5, #8, #10

These articles are designed to help with common challenges once you’re on your way; such how to smooth the transition from the middle to the upper part of the voice (#5), how to balance your tone color (#8) and how to increase your vocal flexibility (#10)

The Body: #11, #13, #18

These articles explain the anatomy, physiology, as well as the kinesthetic awareness required in singing;  including the development of the larynx (#11), Alexander Technique (#13) and Body Mapping (#18)

The Teen Voice: #6

This article explains the maturing process for  voices through puberty and provides a check list for health considerations in the teen voice,  as well as recommended song anthologies.

The Mature Voice: #4, #17

These two articles explain changes which occur in the voice as it matures; the physical aspects of aging on the voice and corrective exercises (#4) and a full explanation of vibrato and its qualities,  as well as recommendations for corrective exercises (#17)

Physical and Mental Health: #12, #15

These two articles consider the mental and physical aspects in performance; the first is a summary of a NATS article on Performance Anxiety with an  approach to overcoming this distress (#12), and the second article is to help the singer make an educated decision about whether to perform or not when they are ill with a respiratory infection (#15). 

Going Forth: #14

This article will help the novice prepare for their first audition; it give the basics on what sort of resume to prepare, how to dress as well as how to choose appropriate material for your audition (#14)

Music and our minds: #9

This is a brief summary of The Mozart Effect, which delves into the importance of music on our emotional, spiritual, physical and intellectual selves (#9)

Philosophy: #19

This is an article on my concerns about the competitive world of singing for children;  what the considerations are for appropriate vocal use, as well as the importance of providing non-exploitive venues for children to sing in. 

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