#36  The Joy of Teaching

Thoughts on Singing has been a way to share concepts about singing and voice care and to fulfill my love of teaching by offering practical exercises on the topics explored. 

Itís exciting to see how resources for singers have changed in the last 30 years.   As modern technology expands the art and science of singing  a  myriad of sources  present themselves for students and teachers alike;  books,  journals, magazines, infinite performances to observe on you tube,  and even internet instruction via skipe.   For the interested,  most anything one would want to know about the voice can be found in these media, yet it is the human experience of studying singing, engaging in the exploration of this art form through the interaction with a teacher which can be deeply satisfying.      

What makes a good singer?

Knowing what the important principles of good voice technique are and how to implement and practice them.   

What makes a good teacher?

A depth of perspective that comes from experience  as well as an eagerness to discover new and exciting ways with which to develop the studentsí ability and encourage their success.  

Which leads me to this:

In this particular economy there is a likelihood that there are many students who would benefit by taking lessons, yet feel they are simply not able to afford them.

I was wondering if the offer of a sliding scale for new students would encourage those that are interested,  as well as adjustments for my continuing students if their economic situations are proving to be stressful.  I consider this an opportunity during a fiscal crisis to open my studio to more interested participants;  a sort of silver lining to an unfortunate situation.  

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Sing Pretty,