Thoughts on Singing
Articles On Voice Care and Techniques

Sarah Oppenheim-Beggs 




  1.   Opposites
       Concepts which occur while singing that require the ability to hold diametrically opposed ideas.

  2.   The Holistic Singer
       How the singing voice expresses our innate selves.

  3.   The Structure of Singing
       Richard Miller’s contribution to voice science.

  4.   The Mature Voice
        Barbara Doscher’s Functional Unity of the Singing Voice;
          encouraging research on maintaining the singing voice in the mature singer.

  5.   Smoothing out the breaks
        Lucy Beck and the BANATS Chapter Newsletter.
          Solutions for 2nd passagio registration changes.

  6.   The Teen Voice
       Approaching the issues of the teen voice and its care.

  7.   Voice Teacher/ Voice Coach
       What are the distinctions between a voice teacher and a voice coach?
         How the rare combination of the two skills manifest. 
         A conversation with Alden Gilchrist and his thoughts on singing.

  8.   Chiaroscuro,
       the balance of light and dark

       James McKinney’s Diagnosis and Correction of Vocal Faults.
       Technical corrections for the overly bright or dark voice.

  9.   The Mozart Effect
       The psychology of sound and effect on thought processes.

  10.   Singing The Rapids
       Vocal technique for approaching singing runs.

  11.   Vive le différence! 
       Understanding the differences between men’s and women’s voices.

  12.   Performance Anxiety
       A step by step approach to learning to overcome performance anxiety.
        NATS  Journal

  13.   Alexander Technique
       A physical concept and exercise to add to one’s daily practice.

  14.   Audition Basics
       How to do basic preparation for an audition.

  15.   To Sing Or Not To Sing
       *Required reading for all students.

  16.   Practice Wisdom
       How to approach practicing and learning music for performance.

  17.   Question and Answer
       A close up view of vibrato and its various qualities, from jutter to wobble.

  18.   Body Mapping
       Understanding how we experience our bodies in the activity of singing correctly.

  19.   America Abuses Talent
       The physical and psychological considerations in pressuring the young
         singer to compete.

  20.   Acting for Singers
       How to prepare the interpretive aspects of singing.

  21.    Systems of Air Flow
       The various terms and types of support for singing.

  22.   More on Acting for Singers
       How to prepare pieces within the context of a larger work,
         such as a musical or opera.

  23.   Women's Vocal Registers
       Looking at the chest voice.

  24.   Apples and Oranges continued
       Technical differences in production between men’s and women’s voices.

  25.   Audition Preparation Guide
       Janet William’s comprehensive 30 day preparation guide.

  26.   The Goldilocks Principle and
       Children's Voices

       Considerations for working with the pre-adolescent or child’s voice.

  27.   Oren Brown; Think, Let, Trust
       A wonderful approach to healthy singing and approaching a gestalt.

  28.   Learning Theories and Practicing
       Recognizing how our attitude and environment affects how well we learn.

  29.   The Singing Voice
       Rehabilitation Specialist

       A special new field in the area of vocal health.

  30.   The Elixir of Love;
       an Italian Opera in English


  31.   Occluded Air Flow Exercises

  32.   Balancing Act; The Naked Voice

  33.   Singing in our own language

  34.   The Art Song Form

  35.   The Art Song, continued

  36.   The Joy of Teaching


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